Unlike other companies who rent their inventory to anyone, our rental services are only for our clients. We set up, deliver and take away all of the specialty decor at a fraction of the costs that others would charge. Allowing us to plan Events down to the smallest detail.


Up Lighting:

Looking to transform your space? Up Lighting is a“must have” item at your wedding or event. Vibrant colors are what makes your pictures look amazing while changing the mood of your guests.


Fabric Draping & Backdrops:

The many uses for fabric in special events are limitless. Fabric can be used to soften hard surfaces and can also stand alone and  stretch from ceiling to floor. It can be used to hide unsightly or uncoordinated curtains, wallpaper, doorways and artwork. It's often used to make very large rooms more intimate.


Table Linens:

The linen you choose to dress your tables with for your special event can say a lot. You are not limited to plain white or ivory linens, although some instances those colors are very appropriate, they are not your only choice. We have an extensive selection of linens ranging in price, fabric, color and design.


Floral Styling:

Our team of floral artists can craft any vision for your budget. We gladly welcome the opportunity to save our client's hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their floral bid without sacrificing quality or artistry. We seek out only the best of the season, high quality flowers in stylish arrangements and designs. Many of our clients end up getting much nicer bouquets, boutineers, corsages and table arrangements than they thought possible for much less than what other floral artists would charge.


Custom Designs:

Sometimes there are those events that require things that are not something that you can just go buy or even rent from local rental companies. As designers, we look at things a little differently from the rest of the world. For example; some of our creations arise from problems or challenges we face in trying to create a design for certain spaces. We conceptualize and fabricate Chuppahs, Mandaps, Columns & Backdrops. Have a design or picture of an event you would like to see implemented in your design meet with one of our talented designers for a free design consultation.


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